HKDSE Recognized Locally and Gobally

Publish Date: 2024.06.28

The HKDSE is not only well-recognised locally, but is also widely accepted by non-local higher education institutions.

The Ministry of Education of the PRC has launched the Scheme for Admission of Hong Kong Students to Mainland Higher Education Institutions since 2011. The number of participating institutions has increased to 138 in 2024/25. Besides, the education institutions in the Macau Special Administrative Region have also indicated their acceptance of HKDSE for admission. Besides, the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Student (UECOCS) of Taiwan has also announced that from 2012 onwards, the HKDSE holders can apply for Taiwan universities through UECOCS directly. Please refer to the information provided by UECOCS for details (in Chinese only).

In Germany, the HKDSE is considered as equivalent to the German school leaving certificate (Abitur) which allows subject-specific university admission for academic studies in the chosen subject area. Candidates, who attain a minimum of level 3 in the four core subjects and two elective subjects in the HKDSE (or ‘Attained’ in Citizenship and Social Development), can apply for admission to over 300 German public universities in the subject area of their HKDSE subjects. Visit the website of Anabin for details.

In addition, the HKDSE qualification has been recognised by the Nuffic of the Netherlands. Candidates, who obtain level 2 or above or ‘Attained’ in five subjects, including Chinese Language and English Language, are considered achieving a HAVO diploma for admission to the tertiary institutions there.

Meanwhile, in Spain, the HKDSE qualification has been recognised by its Ministry of Education. HKDSE holders with at least five subjects at level 2 to 5** will have access to over 90 Spanish universities without the prior requirement of an entrance examination. For details, please click here.

Currently, hundreds of tertiary institutions worldwide have published their general admission requirements for candidates holding HKDSE qualification on the HKEAA’s website and/or their official websites. The number of institutions from countries/regions like the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, the United States and Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe etc., has increased steadily since the inaugural HKDSE in 2012.

The HKEAA will continue to invite overseas universities/institutions to provide information about their general admission requirements for HKDSE candidates*. For interested institutions / universities, please provide your general admission requirements for HKDSE holders by filling in the pro forma or contact: Miss May Chan, International Recognition Officer (Email:

*Remarks: To create space for students and cater for learner diversity, the optimising measures that apply to the 2024 HKDSE onwards have been implemented. As before, universities and higher education institutions around the world will continue to accept the HKDSE qualification for admission and provide their updated information on the general entrance requirements on the HKEAA’s website and/or their official websites.

Source:Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (Booth:D31-32)