Preparation Underway for 2022 CMA Exhibitions The 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo is First to Commence

Publish Date: 2022.07.05
As the effects of the pandemic subside and many business activities are resumed, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) is rolling out numerous exhibitions in the second half of the year to keep up with the momentum and help drive growth for businesses.
Featuring a diverse range of themes and formats, the exhibitions include the 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo, 2022 HKBPE Shopping Festival, the 9th Hong Kong Food Carnival, the 56th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE) and Online HKBPE.
At today’s press conference, CMA President Dr Allen Shi said that CMA has a great reputation when it comes to arranging exhibitions. Its success in safely hosting physical events last year, supported by the enthusiastic response from the public, is a strong encouragement for the upcoming events in the next few months. “COVID-19 pandemic continues presenting unexpected challenges, but as long as the government does not tighten the social distancing measures again, we believe that the prospects for the second half of the year are much brighter than what they were for the first half”. Because physical exhibitions have irreplaceable values, and the second batch of $5,000 consumption vouchers to be distributed in August can help stimulate local consumer sentiment, President Shi is confident that CMA’s exhibitions will be received as well as they were in the past.
The 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo to be held from 9 to 10 July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is the first exposition in the pipeline and will feature four thematic zones:“Overseas Education Zone”, “Local Education Zone”, “Continuing Education and Activities Zone” and “Taiwan Education Zone”, where visitors can meet representatives of over 750 education programme and service providers from 18 countries and regions. Exhibitors also include various disciplined services and they will introduce to young people and visitors the youth activities and career opportunities available in respective departments.
CMA encourages working adults to pursue self‑enhancement. The newly introduced “Continuing Education and Activities Zone” will provide adult learners with comprehensive information on EMBA, MBA, vocational training courses and interest courses to meet their diverse education needs.
“Open to visitors of all ages, interests and needs, the expo will provide in-depth course and career information to students and their parents to help them make a fully informed decision”, said CMA Exhibition Services Limited Chairman cum CMA Vice President Mr Ivan Sze. The expo content stays up-to-date with the market trends and needs. For instance, in view of the relaxation of visa measures and travel restrictions by some countries and the fact that more people are considering study abroad, the expo will offer the visitors a great opportunity to obtain professional advice on study and post-graduation work permit options available in both demanded and emerging destinations.
During the two-day event, the industry professionals, educators, representatives of various disciplined services, the consulate-general of various countries as well as celebrities, including the Education Promotional Ambassador Mr Alex Fong and Assistant Professor of Science Education in the Department of Chemistry of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dr Jason Chan, will hold over 30 seminars on a range of topics covering career development, learning and much more!
At the press conference, CMA invited representatives from exhibiting organisations, including Student Guidance Consultant of Hok Yau Club Mr Ng Po Shing; Director of Link Education and Immigration Ltd Mr Tommy Lai and Co-Founder of Dr X Academy of Robotics and Coding Hong Kong Ltd Mr Kenny Yeung, to share their insights on, respectively, how to get prepared for the release of HKDSE Examination results, the latest trend of studying abroad and post-graduation work permit programmes and STEM education.
Details of the 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo
Date: 9 - 10 July 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)
Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 6:00pm
Venue: Hall 5G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai)
  • 4 thematic zones
  • Over 750 education institutions, course providers, the consulate-general from 18 countries/ regions, including United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The Greater Bay Area, Japan, Korea, Germany and Austria, etc.
  • Education programmes and courses include primary education , secondary education, bachelor degrees, postgraduate degrees such as MBA and EMBA, vocational training courses and interest courses
  • More than 30 seminars on a wide range of education-related topics
  • Open to public (free admission)
  • Free gifts for each visitor: a rapid antigen test kit (sponsored by Sunbeams Biomedical Science) , Anti-virus Anti-bacterial copper ions masks (sponsored by Hong Kong Mask) and Swashes wet tissues (sponsored by Swashes)
  • Gifts for online pre-registered visitors
The highlights of other CMA Expositions for 2022
2022 HKBPE Shopping Festival
  • Date: 9 - 12 September 2022 (4 days)
  • Venue: Hall 2, AsiaWorld-Expo
  • About 350 indoor booths
  • A special historic theme zone featuring a photo gallery, traditional crafts stalls, photo props and game booths
The 9th Hong Kong Food Carnival
  • Date: 29 October - 6 November 2022 (Tentative, 9 days)
  • Venue: Kwai Chung Sports Ground, New Territories. (Tentative)
  • About 260 outdoor booths
  • 4 thematic zones: Japanese and Korean Food Market, Leisure Food Zone, Health Preserving Zone and Catering Equipment Zone
The 56th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE)
  • Date: 4 - 27 December 2022 (Tentative, 24 days)
  • Venue: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay (Tentative)
  • About 860 outdoor booths
  • An experience zone displaying classical toys made during different periods, taking visitors, both children and adults, on a walk through the evolution of Hong Kong’s toy industry
Online HKBPE
  • Held parallel to the physical HKBPE
  • Date: 26 November 2022 - 4 January 2023 (40 days)
  • Providing around-the-clock shopping experience for the HKBPE fans
    CMA President Dr Allen Shi introduced the highlights of 2022 CMA Exhibitions
    CMA Vice President cum Chairman of CMA Exhibition Services Limited Mr Ivan Sze said “The 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo” will provide one-stop course and career information to students and adult learners
    CMA President Dr Allen Shi (5th from the left), CMA Vice President cum Chairman of CMA Exhibition Services Limited Mr Ivan Sze (5th from the right), CMA Executive Vice President Dr Wingco Lo (3rd from the left) and representatives from exhibiting organisations posed for a photo at today’s press conference