"The 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo" Event Highlight

Publish Date: 2022.06.14
Expo Highlight

Confused about your pathway on further studies?

Being one of the most popular and iconic education expositions in Hong Kong, the 28th Hong Kong International Education Expo (HKIEE) provide a comprehensive platform for local and overseas education institutions and consultants to exhibit the latest information on education programmes. There will be nearly 600 local and overseas universities and tertiary institutions and educational institutions, creating a one-stop information platform to cater for the increasing demand for continuing education of the lifelong learners, as well as the recent boom in study abroad immigration programmes. 

Thematic Zone

Overseas Education Zone

  • More than 300 overseas education institutes provide wide range of study options leading to the award of diploma, higher diploma, associate’s degree, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, vocational training, professional certificate and short-term programme and A Level courses.

Local Education Zone

  • Bring together nearly 10 Hong Kong local universities and higher education institutions, international schools and Disciplined Services, introducing a comprehensive range of academic courses and training programmes to students and graduates who seek for further studies.

Continuing Education

Taiwan Education Zone

  • Taiwan universities are the popular choice for Hong Kong students given their relatively lower tuition fees. According to the survey in 2020, there were over 7,800 Hong Kong students studying in Taiwan. Participated 9 Taiwan universities will introduce their programmes, entry requirements and admission procedures onsite.
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