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IB or A-Level? Battle between IB Diplomas and A-Level
The IB Diploma and the General Certificate of A Level (GCE A-Level) are known to have a long history, and a strong advocacy in terms of educational and political influence. Yet, the students and their parents face the challenges of picking the appropriate pathway. Understanding the real differences between the IB Diploma and A Levels is certainly the key to being able to make the right choice...
Publish Date: 2019.02.14
CMA expands its exposition portfolio with the acquisition of Hong Kong International Education Expo
Riding on the booming education sector, The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) announced today that it will take on the organisation of the long-established Hong Kong International Education Expo (Expo). Previously organised by another organiser for over 10 years, the Expo has become one of the most popular higher education events in the city with many...
Publish Date: 2019.01.23
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