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1 Million HKD Scholarship Computer Science Competition for High School students by William Jessup University
SAVE the DATE : 10/25 & 10/26 Sponsored by #2 Regional Ranked William Jessup University of California (Sacramento & the Silicon Valley) Head Judge: National Academy of Engineering inductee: Intel Fellow Mr. John Crawford Various prizes such as Computer products; Silicon Valley Summer Camp and SCHOLARSHIPS for qualified winners. Jessup is searching for future computer engineers, programmers, and scientists who will be at the forefront of the next technology revolution.
Publish Date: 2019.07.04
【物理治療學&職業治療學 近年最吃香專業】
面對人口將持續老化,加上市民對健康越加重視,香港正面對嚴重短缺醫療護理及各類復康治療專才的問題。由於本地大學的學額不多,很多學生選擇到海外修讀學位,考取相關的國際認可執業資格,以助將來回港就業。物理治療學 (Physiotherapy) 和 職業治療學 (Occupational Therapy) 就是近年最熱門的專業學科之一。
Publish Date: 2019.06.28
The 26th Hong Kong International Education and Careers Expo” Kicks off 6 July Gathers over 700 Educational Institutions and 2000 Job Vacancies
Organised by The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA), “The 26th Hong Kong International Education and Careers Expo” (the HKIECE) will be staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 6th to 7th July. By offering a wide array of high-quality course options and job opportunities, the expo gives students and their parents one place to access all the latest information and advice. In addition to providing information of 700 universities and higher education inst
Publish Date: 2019.06.27
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